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Exhaust: 07-Up stock exhaust pipes with a Magnaflow, 2in 1out, muffler swap: Exhaust Thread -
Cheap and perform the same or better than the aftermarket cat backs.

CAI: Volant or S&B is my choice, because the filter is in a sealed box to keep the engine heat away from the incoming air. There are plenty of members that run the open style AEM, K&N.... ETC, that and are running very good times with them. Choose your style and budget, you will not be disappointed.

Tuner: If your planning on headers go Uprev now. If not any of the handhelds will be fine. Hypertech and Superchips are the only ones that offer handhelds for the 04.

Trutrac: The only LSD for the Titan, a must have to stay from the dreaded breaking of the spider gears.

Check out my Sig. for my mods.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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