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I just got my 04 Titan and I was wondering what all would be the BEST things to do to a 2004... CAI, Exhaust, Chip, etc... please and thank you. I am so happy with my new pick up!!! I just went Mobile 1 synthetic a couple days ago :redblob"
Since we have the original year, there were a few changes made to future models that you would need to consider.

The original differential cover was smooth and did not dissipate heat very well.

A nice aftermarket one from Stillen, PML, or MagHytec will give you more capacity, cooler running and it's a good time to change out the fluid when you're doing it.

Also consider a new transmission pan. PML makes a good one.

We had rotors that weren't as strong as they could be and were prone to warping. Frozen Rotors makes a good set for us. I recommend Hawk Brake pads to complete the swap out.

I would do these upgrades first before moving on to other performance oriented ones.

There are many threads on CAI's/Header/Exhaust combos.

We have no chips but we do have a set of hand held tuners (Bullydog, Superchips Cortex, etc) and UpRev which is programmed right into your ECU. It's a good choice but 4x more expensive than a hand held.

Your decision depends upon your budget.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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