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If I cut these off...

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If I cut my u-bolts just below the nuts, will I have enough bolt left if I decide to add some Deaver's down the road??? I would say "Yes, because I already have the thickness of the block, plus the thickness of the stock spring pack. If/when you add the Deaver spring pack, instead, there will be more than enough length there." I'm assuming that the Deaver pack is about 1/2 as thick as my current setup, correct?

Reason I'm asking is because I want to add some axle shims over the holiday to fix up my pinion angle issues. I tried before and the nuts are super tight/rusted. I figure I can cut most of the bolt off and only have to unthread the thickness of the nut itself!

Don't worry about all the wet stuff, that's from me spraying everything with some wiener slider so it hopefully comes apart easier! I tried loosening things when I was home at T'giving, but they refused to come loose! Dang salty PA roads!


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I'd cut them, then when you add the Deavers buy new u-bolts. I never reuse u-bolts, especially when they look like yours...:lol:
Hey, I resemble that remark!!!

Believe it or not, those things are just over 2 years old!
I would have to agree, change them. Atleast change them when you get your deavers.
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