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If you are using the factory radio with aftermarket amps. READ

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Well after using the Re-q in my truck for a week or two I decided to run two subs in my truck today . one with the amp signal coming from a RE-Q and the other using a nice peripheral LOC.

I tried the re-q first and the subs was nice and tight and the volume would turn all the way up and get loud. Overall it would hard to tell this was not an aftermarket headunit. Listened to several different disc and was impressed.

Next a flipped a switch and the peripheral Loc came on. The difference was noticiable immediately. The bas was near as accurate and I lost alot of volume controll. On rap songs it sounded like the subs was blown with the volume turned up.

The re-q is no joke and it is the best audio upgrade piece I have seen if you want to keep the factory radio.
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Never heard of it, got a link? Is this something similar to the JL Clean Sweep?
Nifty, looks to better than your everyday LOC, but not quite the full blown eq of the CleanSweep. Would have been nice to have something like this around when I was still using the OE HU.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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