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Does anybody know if the switches on the steering wheel in the 08 illuminate?
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Yes. They added that feature (I believe) in the 06 or 07s.
The 06 does not have this. Can't speak for the 07 as I do not own one of those. :D
Its about time nissan did that, Just another little thing to push me closer to the 08
Afraid the 2007 is dark too. Only thing I really dislike about my LE. I wonder if a person could swap the 2008 wheel if it is illuminated.

Oh wow....maybe I'm wrong then. They added lighted steering wheel to every other vehicle......they didn't add it to the Titan before 08?
Can anybody confirm that the 08's wheel is illuminated
08's are illuminated the 07's are not, I just bought my 2nd Titan an 07:boxing:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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