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Im buying a Titan tomorrow. Questions?

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Ok, so Im buying a 2004 Titan SE tomorrow. Im curios to know if there is anything I should know about the truck, before buying and after buying.... and if Im getting a good deal.
2004 SE king cab
18k miles
Charcoal with 2 tone black and grey int
Shifter in middle
Big tow package
Popular package
Track system inback
and alot of other options.

If there is a warranty still, what should I go get fixed right away.

Thank guys!

Also, whats the sickest exhaust for the titan.
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Are you buying it from a Nissan dealer?

First thing first. As stated above, check if the brake TSB has been done. Next, here's a list of ALL the possible TSB's that *might* need to be done. You won't really know until you drive the truck and experience problems. Not all Titans had all of the problems. Just the brakes were a common issue. The rest were mostly a case by case basis.

On my 04, before I traded it in, I only needed to get the brake TSB done. That's all.

Forgot the link:
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