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Im buying a Titan tomorrow. Questions?

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Ok, so Im buying a 2004 Titan SE tomorrow. Im curios to know if there is anything I should know about the truck, before buying and after buying.... and if Im getting a good deal.
2004 SE king cab
18k miles
Charcoal with 2 tone black and grey int
Shifter in middle
Big tow package
Popular package
Track system inback
and alot of other options.

If there is a warranty still, what should I go get fixed right away.

Thank guys!

Also, whats the sickest exhaust for the titan.
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4WD? If Yes, have them change the Diff oil in the front and rear... if not just make sure all the major maintenance has been performed, like transmission flush etc, and then take a look at your rear differential and if the thing looks nasty you might want them to swap the diff cover for you with the newer one that has better heat dissipation. You could also check the air filter and some other things before you write your name, just check some of those things and have them fix them before you sign.

Besides the fix that should of happened to the brakes thats what I would do if I were buying a used one.
Maybe its the location. I live in Los Angeles. I have been looking at prices for the past few months. This truck in my local papers, dealers and internet ads goes for about only has 18k miles. He has the original paperwork, he paid 28k.
He paid 28, but that was almost 4 years ago. Its up to you and how much you want to spend, if you think it is a good deal and it doesnt break your bank then go for it.

Like someone else posted, do your homework if you can get a brand new truck with the same options for 3k more then you might want to do that instead?

And the stock trucks dont make as much noise as the Titans with the Aftermarket exhausts on them. :)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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