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Im buying a Titan tomorrow. Questions?

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Ok, so Im buying a 2004 Titan SE tomorrow. Im curios to know if there is anything I should know about the truck, before buying and after buying.... and if Im getting a good deal.
2004 SE king cab
18k miles
Charcoal with 2 tone black and grey int
Shifter in middle
Big tow package
Popular package
Track system inback
and alot of other options.

If there is a warranty still, what should I go get fixed right away.

Thank guys!

Also, whats the sickest exhaust for the titan.
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Ya, he talked about a recall for the brakes. The guy is real trust worthy.
Its not 4x4.
What about that exhaust...I love the way Titans sound!
Oh ya, Im getting the truck for 17500.
Maybe its the location. I live in Los Angeles. I have been looking at prices for the past few months. This truck in my local papers, dealers and internet ads goes for about only has 18k miles. He has the original paperwork, he paid 28k.
The only thing is...out the door that 3k extra will actually be about 5k extra. I got this truck for 17,500 everything included.

So, how does that banks exhaust sound. Are there any sound clips posted?
I dont want loud and I dont want to lose low end tq for sure. I want something that sounds performance...low deep rumble...kind of what Borla would sound like but maybe a littloe louder. A buddy of mine has Magnaflow on his F150 and it sounds great, not like some 70's chevy pick up with Flowmaster, ya know.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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