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Im curious

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Hey guys im just curious about what the supercharged titans are running at the track.. Any times??
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Have not really seen any time posted for S/C Titan that I can remember.
if youre planning on it go with vortech i heard some good things about their s/c:)
I think we're all curious what they run at the track. Most supercharged guys haven't posted their time slips for some reason or another.
Yea ive noticed that.. Ive been searching around for a while trying to find some numbers but none are posted.. Wish they would post em cause they should be pretty impressive...
only time i have seen was the 14.5 1/4 mile e.t. posted in some magazine bout 2 yrs ago they tested the stillen blower.. I'm faster than that easily N/A with just 3-4k in mods and don't have to worry bout blowing the motor either..

my times below where from last yr before cams, my times will easily be much better i plan on going to the track again on oct. 19th stay tuned for the first N/A titan into the 13's :)
yea i try to keep up to date with all your mods and info toomny.. keep on truckn man!
All those SC'd guys aren't posting because Tooms is making them look bad N/A and less money in his truck.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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