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im gonna do this to my titan!!!

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my buddy was up in D.C. and snapped these pics of a frontier he saw. check out the awesome smoke stacks (which arent even hooked up) and the sweet designs on the tailgate. just thought id share.


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LMAO!!!! He can't hook them up. They're right above the wheelwells! :rofl:

I saw a Dodge with those stacks the other day. They were functional.....but I was wondering, why would anyone do that to their truck? It's so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o "*******"! No offense, Papa.... :D And I thought that trend went out back in the 70's!!!!!!
Around here, it seems to be coming back into style on the diesels. I don't see many, but the ones I'm seeing aren't "Lil Red Wagons" by Dodge. :lol: They're new trucks.
Most of my best ideas were had in the 70's. I just can't remember them, lol.
Nobody should put stacks on their truck unless it's a diesel!!!!!!
dunefreak79 said:
Nobody should put stacks on their truck unless it's a diesel!!!!!!
And it's a FREAKING SEMI!!!!!
heres your sign.....
Are you going to put this on before or after you install the CB antenna with a tennis ball on it:rofl:
ok guys obviously i was joking by saying i was gonna do this to my truck. there is no way i would ever even consider it!!
i wanna put on a tv antenna

one that is for will look classy
i think you will be loosing alot of power doing this mod.
Gonpostal said:
i think you will be loosing alot of power doing this mod.
I believe he will lose more respect than power from doing this mod. :lol:
:jester: good one bro. Their are a couple Big diesels around here that have them done, one is a chebby duramax and it dont look to too bad I will get a pic of him next time I see it.
maybe in addition to the stacks ill add a dual wheel adapter on the back to run a titan dually:jester:
the funniest thing is bro I can see you doing something to that extreem. lol
There is a red Dodge Diesel in the Fayetteville market that had a pair of 8in stacks coming out like that. It was also lifted about 6-8 inches and had some mild work done to it. He was hauling a small 5x7 enclosed trailer and tried to race me from a stoplight. I had him by about 3 car lengths, and at the next light he said the trailer was pretty much empty. But it hauled *** and when those turbos spooled up, man it sounded good. I like them when properly done.
i saw a newer dodge that had one stack and it was coming from the middle of the bed near the cab versus the outside edges. looked cool, NOT!.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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