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IM here intro

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Wassup titan owners,
I own a 2004 king cab, took me a\while to stumble onto the site.....(just got internet again). Bought it brand new with 6 miles in nov 04'. I love it im 6' 7 and I have more than enough room...way better than the jetta I traded in.

Ive put the NCD leveling kit on it as well as an injen intake, 22" rims side exit exhaust, vertical billet grill, 7' in dash dvd player, kicker comps 12" under the back seat, tinted windows, and blued headlights. I manage a bar so I will get pics up next week on my day off.

Stoked to be here,
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Welcome to Titan Talk. Enjoy your stay here....

Welcome to TT this is a great site! How many miles do you have on your 04 now?
Welcome and hope to see ya on here more!
Glad you joined the forum!
Welcome, welcome.
Thanks ya'll glad to be here, I just hit 50,000 3 wks ago. :(

As far as pics im waiting on my tires for the new 22's i got so i will have some 20's and tires going up for sale.:smokingco
I also have a vertical billet grill I need to put on before I show her off!!!!!! by the end of the week I hope.

Oh yea anybody ever installed a radio in the glovebox???
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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