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I'm in it deep fellas

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Well 2 weeks ago i installed the tru trac. It works soundly nothing to it. this morning i go to swap out the gear oil, and i give my truck the one over and come to see an excess of blown out oil on my shock, and back of brake rotor. it wasn't like that when i first got it back and i had plans of doing the axle vent mod this week, but i didn't do it soon enough. so now i am between a rock and a hard place. I have a warranty but its not a nissan warranty, its through a company called "Guardian Warranty". I have a friend that's a service tech at my closest dealership but i am asking for advice. how should i go about getting this fixed?? please help!!!
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How many miles do you have? Should be covered under the factory 5/60 powertrain warranty unless you're over the mileage.
74,600 miles. yeah i thought of that too
I would definitely contact your friend and see what strings he can pull. Call the company that handles the extended warranty and see what it covers. Get any documents together on the problems posted to take.
According to my warranty info it says that it covers everything powertrain wise with a 100 dollar deductable. but i will check it out
The factory does recommend replacing the axle seal any time the axle shaft is removed from the housing. Many get away with just pulling the axles only for the TT install, but sounds like you took the hit...
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