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I'm not a smart man (ABS question)

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OK, so I don't have a lot of man-knowledge. I admit it. So, during my recent skid into a guardrail, as I braked I heard/felt a clicking from the brakes...

Is that anti-lock brakes, in a nutshell? :ftard:
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I remember the day I discovered ABS. None of my other cars has it and I was out playing in the snow with my Mazda. Locked em up (on purpose) and heard all kinds of popping and and noises... "so that's what abs sounds like"

I haven't decided if I like abs or not.. I know how to drive and the abs kinda screws that up at times. for future reference just stand on the brake pedal, it'll do what it thinks is best... I never like to let the machine control itself though.. seem wrong, they don't have eyes.
cneary812 said:
my biggest beef was when trucks started to add rear ABS back in the 90s. I had an old Isuzu that had Rear ABS. Talk about a crazy thing. You were supposed to lock the brakes just like with 4 wheel ABS but then your front wheels would lock and you would go straight with no control. Glad they nixed that idea and went with all or none. I can do with either way myself. But today's ABS sensors are really fast and react quickly which is a good thing for safety sake.
I was very impressed with the abs on the titan when i gave it a "test". But when skidding or losing control I still do that "should i really keep my foot down" equation in my head.
cneary812 said:
Full ABS Mash brakes to the floor and hold steady pressure. If you pump them you are entirely defeating the designed purpose of the ABS system. You will still skid for a short time with ABS working but it allows you to have a more controlled stop VS locking up non ABS brakes and sliding out of control till you stop.
yep, that's the exact part that feels weird. i grew up on the pump, now i just have to hold strong..
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