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I'm speechless

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..LOL. I better see if my truck is in the garage

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Is that an actual trailer? or did someone mess with a picture?
I think it's real. Someone posted it 3 times at fishing for opinions
The original picture in the first post is missing - but are you talking about this:

Nevermind - I see the picture now. Euhhh...


Say goodbye to your bumper without any rock protection from that things tires.
I dunno about that. It looks like you have to back into it pretty straight or your bed sides will get gouged by the side airfoil. I also wonder how well the truck would handle in corners?
there's even a video on their website...
Worst promotional video ever....

I was seriously scrounging for something pointy to stick in my ears while listening to that idiot stumble over his own words while "eye of the tiger" played awkwardly in the background.
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Clancy said:
there's even a video on their website...
OMG... "Eye Of The Tiger", that was great!:rofl:
I'll stick with a tent. :)
That is the one time I did not like to see a Titan. It looks like something Clark Griswald wound drive on vacation.
Eye of the Tiger was the exhaust sound coming from the Titan.
I guess when you need to tow, you get the best "host" vehicle possible. Even if it is a very ugly trailer.
Oh, I am sure there is a market for something like this. Some people just don't know how to back up trailers. For a good laugh, hang out at the boat landing on a holiday weekend.

This idea may solve a problems for trailer challenged folks. It doesn't seem to offer a lot of room and depending on price, might have a high cubic foot cost to it. To me, it would seem easier to back up your rig to a conventional trailer than go through the aerobics to attach and detach this unit. Still curious how difficult it is to back the truck in and not scratch up the side of the bed.
Clancy said:
there's even a video on their website...
Who in the hell approved that video? What kind of person would even begin to think that video would represent their product? HAHAHA! That is pathetic!
I'd be taggin and shaggin in that baby!

How about a better,,,,,, Truck Humper!
The video is just plain horrific. And the tire scrub (that they claim doesn't happen) obviously does. So, re-engineer the tag axel and the idea makes sense.

I'm, not sure it'll ever look 'right', but the idea is valid and has some merit and I could see it working, eventually. btw - I doubt it's very cheap. Quality of materials looked pretty good...
owww! I might have made it thru more than a minute of the video if they hadn't used "eye of the tiger"!
Seems like it would be very hard on the pulling vehicle's frame when it goes over a bump raising one side and not raising the other. Torsional stress would be a lot for the tow vehicle. Besides its fugly.
Clancy said:
btw - I doubt it's very cheap. Quality of materials looked pretty good...
Quality of demo video looked pretty horrible. :)
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