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I'm the new guy.

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Hi all...Im KenVB. Checking things out and looking for things to do with my Titan. I come from a 2 Truck home. The wife has a Toyota Tacoma and I have the Titan. Both are fun trucks, but I think I came out on the better end of the stick. :gunz:
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No doubt there ....

Those yotas are pretty good trucks, but not a Titan !!!!!

Welcome Ken.....
Welcome to TT. Well we all know who the intellectual one is. lol Just kidding enjoy the site man.
Hey, the Tacos aren't bad trucks at all for what they are! Welcome to the boards! Ask around if you have a question. I can almost guarantee that someone here will know the answer.
At least she'll have a truck to drive when the Yoda breaks down. Welcome to the site, there is a ton of information here to learn from.
I hope you like the Taco, because after SWMBO gets Titan fever, you are going to be driving the Taco!
Welcome KenVB. I'm new here too. This site has a lot of good info, enjoy.
Welcome to the forum.:cheers: There is a ton of great info here...enjoy:D
Glad you're here Ken,enjoy your ride...
Anything you need just ask,somebody is always here to help
welcome to the club!
Welcome and congrats!

lots of fun and info here, especially for mods... :)
i love my titan but the tacoma will not break down anytime soon. i owned one a 95 with a salvage title sold it four months ago for almost nine grand. those little trucks are tough.
Welcome to TT. Sounds like you have two nice trucks there. Titan's Rule however.
Welcome, I am also new...Needed a new Ringt side mirror,darn mailbox jumped out at me...Fnd a tread in a forumn and orderd it form nissan parts 2u...Thanks guys for all the info
Welcome to TT
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