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Im told no lift on a off road package

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I an trying to put a leveling lift on my off road , big tow equipped truck . 2005 Titan CC LE . I don't want to go with the spacer because at 72000 miles I am probably due struts and shocks anyway. I am being told that both the blistiene and Ranchero strut assemblies with the leveling adjustment will not fit on a titan with the off road package. I have seen the kits used all over this forum and I cant believe that I am the only one with the off road package. I did go to the ranchero site and put my vehicle in and it did say only for trucks w/o off road package. Why is that. What is different.
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They are wrong, they will work fine on your Off Road package.
any Idea why they would say they will not work? Have you installed them if so any unforseen problems? Or modifications you needed to make work
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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