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Improving off ride questions.

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Improving off road ride questions.

I have a 09 Titan 4x4 crew cab and its leveled(1.5 inch spacers) and would like to improve the ride off road. I don't do anything crazy but I am on a lot of dirt roads and uneven ground. What would be the best thing to do? I have read a lot on the Billstien 5100s but are they a real improvement or just for replacing wore out stock shocks?

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.
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Yes they are a significant improvement over stock.
Not without noticing, if you want that good of a shock your going to need to jump up to some coilovers, $200 vs $1400, yeah there is a big difference. But for $200 they are far better than stock struts or anything else in the price range.
I've been running a set for close to 6 years now, so yeah I would say its worth the $200
Yes, run them on bottom setting unless you want to add upper control arms too. Its been 6 years since I ran OEM's but from what I remember, front end doesn't dive when I put the brakes on like it did with oems, doesn't roll as much in corners, ride is smoother on and off road
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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