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Hey, just as the title states.

Could someone provide me the following:

-Overall length, width, height
-Diameters of the intake ports
-Manifold Flanges width, length, thickness
-Distance between the intake ports on each flange.
---Most importantly... measurement from the drivers side intake ports to the passenger side intake ports.
*inner flange to flange width (valley where starter and coolant passages are located)
*outer flange to flange width (outer most part where injector boss' are located)

Basically if you were looking at the front of the intake manifold, I would need the width between the drivers side and passenger side cylinder head intake ports on the inner side (valley, coolant tubes, starter) and outer side(injector boss' and closest to valve covers)

Lol i'm trying to explain the best I can of what measurements i'm wanting.

If I had some under side intake manifold pictures I could use paint to show you exactly what I need.

So any pictures of the intake manifold would be great.

Thanks guys, Its late and my brain is turning with some ideas.
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