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Ok, I posted this on the Edmunds Town Hall, but I'll repost here:

1. Saturday night, I was parking my 4x4 SE CC w/offroad,
and suddenly the brake pedal went nearly all of the way to the floor.
The brake, NO VDC, and SLIP dash lights all came on, and I nearly crashed into the concrete barrier that I was parking in front of.
It's ok after cycling the ignition key, but it reoccured twice Sunday,
and again this morning while dropping the truck off at the dealership.
(all faliures occured while moving slowly or already stopped)
The dealer hasn't called be back yet with their diagnosis.

2. The second issue with the truck, is that it rolled off of the delivery truck, it was missing the drivers rear splash guard. It was never installed. The dealership ordered it. Three times. And Nissan cancelles the order, saying that "the part isn't available yet"!
The truck was delivered without the part, and the manufacturer says that I can't get the part that I should have had in the first place?

Well, I'm just hoping that the brake problem doesn't need a part,
as Nissan may/may-not offer that part! I've had the truck for a week, and I'm not impressed with the situation so far.

Well, unfortunately the dealer service reports that my 1 week old Titan needs a "brake pressure sensor".
(a sensor related to master cylinder brake pressure)
And REALLY unfortunately, the part is currently on "national backorder" from Nissan.
(shared part from the Armada)
No eta.

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Ug, I've got a Ford Taurus as a rental.
That's not going to do though, as I bought this truck to tow my competiton offroad rally car and my first rally for the year is coming up the first weekend of Februrary.

Still no eta on the pressure sensor.

Thanks for the info on the mud-flaps!
(the dealer seems to have no idea)

ps. Has anyone seen a bar for attaching a winch(& lights) to the front of the Titan? I've seen the Westin Bull bar:
but it doesn't look like it supports a winch.

Thanks everyone.

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Another update

Well, on Thursday, the GM of the dealership decided that they had my truck for long enough, and they decided to rob parts off of another Titan.
After swapping the suspect sensor, the problem wasn't fixed.
Finally, they swapped out the master cylinder/booster assembly.
Problem fixed. (they eventually suspected a pressure switch that's inside the master cylinder)

I wonder how long that it will take for them to get the parts to repair their truck?

I'm back on the road again!
Still no eta on the splashguard though.
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