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Injen Installed

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Here are a couple photos of the Injen intake installed.


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Nice, I have the injen as well. Mine is with the polished tube, wished I would have gotten the black tube.
Looks nice! :coolsmile

What do you think of the intake? Did it make any difference in power? How is the noise?

I'm really itching to get one, but I'm having a hard time justifying $250+ for an air filter. :D

If it improved and smoothed part throttle acceleration, I think I'd consider one.
Misfit, it did improve part throttle acceleration, and I know what you mean about the price. It was a well worth investment.
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man that looks fukn sick
man that looks fukn sick
thanks you...thank you..

The sound is a deep growl and when WOT....the air around the truck seems to stop moving for a second...then...the power comes on... does sound great and supposed to give the best HP for most if not all Intakes on the market...
Take a look at and the dyno chart..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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