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Injen Intake

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Put it on 2 weeks ago, after a short trip for Labor Day, the wife is not a fan and would prefer I get rid of it. I like it, nice and mean when you got on it, not much difference (decibel wise) when you are just cruising. Anyhow, it's got 600 miles on it, yours for $275 plus shipping. I'm in North Houston if you'd prefer to pick it up.

Oh, it's in the original box with everything that came with it including manual, stickers, warranty card, and license plate bracket.
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Great price!

I love mine and my wife approves too!
I really wish I had some $$$$$ laying around.... I need to check under the couch cushions...... :crying:
whats the model number on it? I am interested and in the northwest side of houston....
Model PF1950P
if he doesn't want it. I'll take it. how much to ship to Los Angeles?
.. S o l d ..
MrJonMan - Your PM box is full
Intake is SOLD
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