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Hello all,

I am a new owner of the Titan brand. I have a 2012 pro 4x Flex 5.6L Crew Cab with long bed, rancho suspension system, 32in tires on 18in profex off-road rims.

...I recently started hearing a lot of road noise while accelerating, and a strange rubbing sound while turning, I thought the tries were rubbing a mud/skid plate at first. Further inspection I found a small crack at the top of the inner CV boot on the drivers side, and suspect that the engine mounts may also be at fault for this....

Here’s my dilemma—

I purchased a doorman universal split boot, I did not notice it says “outer boots only” does it make a difference? The goal here is a quick fix until I can get it into the shop for full repair. It seems as both boots are the same. I’ve never re booted a vehicle, but have replaced CV joints in sedans, and suvs. Can I use the split boot on my inner/does the pro 4x require special boots? Has anyone done a split boot universal?
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