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I was exploring the option of adding auto headlamps without spending 150 for a switch and 80 for a sensor.. then who knows how much to reprogram at the stealership...

Looking at the DEI 545T auto headlight control ($35 amazon, i attached the instrucctions)... I have it in my wife's Mazda... works well...finished product.

Due to CAN, I had to hack her switch directly at the source and added a couple HQ relays... and am in the same boat with the T as it uses a multiplexed/scanned switch system...and I'd not think of grabbing the relays, as there's a lot of expensive parts in there if i screw it up.

I might just make my own controller...I have some photoresistors and microcontrollers... fun to build and probably ~12 in parts.

Not sure which way ill go, but wanted to share the info, as I didn't see it anywhere else...



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