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Install Kit - Metra 99-7406 vs. OEM XE

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First off sorry - I know I'll get the "search" command, but I'm working 14 hour days with my new biz and don't more time to week through threads..and all the ones I did find are fairly old.

I'm installing a single-din HU and see that some people buy the OEM XE bezel from Courtesy, while others go with the full kit from Metra - 99-7406.

Is it just a matter of quality between the two? The OEM unit is $80 though! But then I saw a thread where they bought it for $35 (much more feasible) but where??

There is an eBay store that has the Metra kit (the bezel + the single din "pocket") + the 70-7550 wiring harness for around $50 shipped, which seems like a good route to go.

BUT if the Metra doesn't look "OEM" (i.e. the color is off, or the fit isn't that great, etc), then I'd rather use the OEM XE bezel.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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go oem. the none matching colors will drive you crazy on the long run. and looks cheap.
Did some searching while eating - I could scan another piece the same color and paint the bezel to match correctly if I felt so inclined (I'm an automotive painter by hobby...didn't think of this).

So I'm assuming the quality otherwise, of the Metra kit is OK?
gabriel c. said:
go oem. the none matching colors will drive you crazy on the long run. and looks cheap.

:werd: You are better off with the OEM, it cost that much for a reason. I am not happy with my aftermarket kit at all, with all clips in place it still sticks out on the right side of the console and since I dont have dual climate controls the plugs make it look cheap IMHO.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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