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Install Plan

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Hey all...

Started out as a plan to install a back-up camera (so the GF could drive my truck while I take the new Armada since I just got knee surgery) and a head unit, then thought... well might as well add a front camera too... then figured well while I'm doing all this I might as well upgrade the door speakers... then thought, I should get better than just above stock speakers... then figured I should add an amp... then said well might as well get a sub and sound deaden, etc, etc...

What I'm looking for is general advice, as I've never done this ambitious of an install... and more specifically whether I should wire my tweeters I bought for the dash to the head unit (can I do that if I'm using all the RCA outputs to the amp? I plan on running RCAs from the head unit to the amp) or use the supplied crossovers that came with the tweeters and wire them with the coaxial 6x9s I bought for the front doors.

For my install I purchased all Polk speakers (I've had good experiences in the past and thought they were a quality, budget choice...)
-db1001 for the dash (the ones I'm on the fence about how to wire...) - 60 RMS
-db692 (6x9s for the front doors) - 150 RMS
-db6502 (6.5 component system w/ tweeters for back doors) - 100 RMS
-db1040 (x2 - 10" subs to put in a box under the rear seat to be wired @ 2 ohms) - 270 RMS @ 4 ohms

Pioneer AVH-5800BHS head unit
Pioneer GM-D9605 (5 channel amp - 75x4 RMS @ 4 & 350x1 @ 4/600x1 @ 2 ohms)
A few Chinese cameras & cords

Going to use 4 gauge OFC from battery to amp. Any opinions on whether to route the wire through the firewall (and where to do this?) or to route it under the car and then punch a hole through the floor?

Planning on mounting the amp under the passenger's seat, any thoughts on that? Anybody have any power issues with this small amount of power? Anyone mount a cap in the cabin/under the seat? I know lots of people have issues with caps, I don't want to get into that argument - just asking if anyone has done it and where they put it.

Just looking for input from people with more experience than me - so pretty much anyone who'd be reading anything in this section of the forum...

Really didn't plan on doing this big of a project, but I tend to over do things and try to just do something once, rather than come back 10 times upgrading things over and over again.

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You ever end up doing this? I want to put my amp under the passenger seat too. Want to run my power wire on the passenger side because of this.. See plenty of people post about going through the hoot cable location through the firewall but I want to go through the passenger side if possible..
Yes, I did it all - took longer than I thought it would...

I went through the floor/firewall on the passenger side with a 4/0 gauge wire.... (way overkill, I know...) It's zip tied inside the fender with another wire if I remember right... I cut a few grommets together to make it fit the hole and siliconed the wire afterwords... also snaked a rca wire for a front camera through the same hole...

I have two amps, one under each seat... the giant power wire goes into a fused distribution block and then two independent wires come out of that to power each amp... My install was over ambitious given my experience...
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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