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Since we plan to tow both my car hauler, and now a new-to-us 25' travel trailer (5.2K pounds dry, 7.2K pounds wet), I decided along with the weight distribution hitch system, to do Firestone (W217602355) air bags. I purchased the kit from Amazon.

This is a Nice kit. It's well thought out and fits my (stock) 2007 2wd Titan perfectly.

Installation notes:
Took me about 4 hours, but, I took my time.....

* Lay out all the parts and identify
* Put the vehicle on axle stands and remove the rear tires
* Pre-assemble the top/bottom brackets to the bags along with the top air-fittings. I positioned the fittings to be pointing towards the rear and slightly to the outside
* The brackets/bags will not fit between the axle and the frame without making some room, since all the vehicle's weight is on the axle. To fix this, I found it best (one side at a time), to move the jack-stand to the back of the frame (or side of the trailer hitch) to allow the axle (on one side at a time) to drop down
* Set the bag assembly in place and loosely install the "J" bolt to hold the top bracket. The "nut on a stick" was a totally new idea to me, and well.. it worked pretty slick, once I figured out to simply place the entire stick inside the frame hole. Then, put the bolt through the bracket and in to the hole on the frame. Then, (it's all a matter of feel) use your finger though the frame-hole to locate the bolt to the nut. When tightening, the stick will float over and lodge inside the frame and you can tighten that bolt.
* Put the U-bolts on next and start the nuts
* Locate the inside (bottom) axle bracket to the bottom of the axle, and drop in the long vertical bolts through the top bracket to the bottom bracket. Now, you can tighten all the nuts/bolts
I found no interference issues with the brake lines. The brackets clear them fine.
* Using a razor knife, cut the air line in half, don't kink or bend it
* Feed the air line through the frame (inside) until it comes out by the bumper
* Remove the rear license plate and using the screwdriver, remove the factory plastic nuts
* Install the brass fitting (make sure the line is clean and cut square). To do this, just push the line in to the fitting until seated
* Put the fittings in to the license plate holes and secure with the supplied washers/nuts. I had to open up the holes on the license plates to get them to fit over the fittings.
* Put the air lines in to the fittings on top of the air-bags
* Shoot about 10 lbs of air in the bags and check for leaks by using a soap solution in a spray bottle.
Reinstall the tires.

I found with even only 5 lbs of air (the minimum) the truck is a bit more stiff. Next I'll be hooking up the travel trailer ...... :big_grin:
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