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Installed Bullydog Gt, Next is CAI and Exhaust

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I finally bit the bullet and came off the $400 to buy the Bullydog GT and installed it yesterday. I set the throttle response to "performance," and turned off the wide open throttle limiter. What a difference that made. Now when I push the accelerator the truck doesn't ask questions, it just goes! I've only driven in town a little bit so far but I reset my avg fuel economy and it went from 12.0 to 12.8. I haven't had a chance to play with the timing settings yet. I'll do that when I get home in a couple weeks.

Next, an Injen cold air intake and Banks Exhaust. I asked about exhaust and I told him I don't want anything too loud but I want a little performance plus fuel mileage. He said the Banks was the best option for $600. He told me it has a nice clean sound and is not too loud.

It looks like the exhaust system just bolts up. Is that correct? They wanted $180 for install but if it just bolts up I can do that myself.
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Check amazon for a good deal on it....
Correct, the Bank's bolts right up. You can have a complete install done yourself in an hour. That's providing your oem exhaust is relatively newer and not too badly rusted.
I just installed the Bully dog GT as well. I also added a AEM Bruteforce intake. The intake can be had for around 250$ on E-bay and offers simular performance to the Injen for about half the cost. I just bought a Magnaflow and plan on doing the muffler swap, not the whole exhaust. I would have the exhaust profesionally installed if I were you. The stock exhaust might have to be cut at certain spots to help with removal, plus you want to lift the truck up on blocks at least. It will be a pain in the *** if you try to install the exhaust when the truck is just sitting in the driveway. Just my 2 cents.
i read somewhere on here that the banks can hurt you because its so big...isnt it like 4''? 600.00 is really exspensive too for an exhaust you can pay half that for a system that will flow/sound and perform just as well if ot better! cheers!
The banks kit I believe is 2.5" not 4". The tip is 5". You might lose a little bit of low end but it really isn't noticable. I installed mine by myself in my driveway in about 45 minutes with the truck on the ground...easy
If anything I'd rather lose top end as opposed to low end. Losing low end torque is exactly the opposite of my goal. I'd rather have a ton of torque on the bottom end rather than gain HP on the top end and be able to go faster. The guy at the shop said magnaflow was good but he said it's loud and that is also what I'm trying to avoid. I'm not trying to make a race truck, just trying to make mine more efficient and gain a few MPGs and lb/ft, not so much HP.
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