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Installed the bushwacker fender flares

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Install was fairly easy and they look great....well, at least I think so!
Also did the PRG leveling kit, some 315/65/18 shoes, and the alt. smoked tail lights :)


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You going to paint them? I kinda like the matte black
Looks pretty good!
Nope, not painting them. I like the rugged look it gives unpainted.


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How much where those bad boys if you dontmind me asking. Can you get a picture how they fit around the fender storage box. Thanks
If you didn't have the flares, would the tires stick out from under the fenders?
How are they attached, just screws, or adhesive also? They look great, by the way!
I hate to lose my splashguards to install those bad boys !!!!!

Decisions, decisions .......
I don't have the tool box storage so I'm not sure how the flares would look with one but I'm pretty sure they make them for it though. I got them for $325 off an online took about 4 weeks though.

I don't think the tires would stick out much without the flares but I mis-typed on the original post...they are the 305's not 315's.

Install of the flares was actually pretty easy but the splashguards do have to come off. You have to install the rubber moulding onto the flare before attatching to the truck but it was fairly easy, albeit a bit tedious. The flares themselves are attatched to the truck using clips for the fenderwells and some of the original screw holes. There is no drilling or adhesives to the truck...clips easily snap in to place and hold it well. I was very pleased at how secure and how clean it looks. Looks like it came from the factory that way :) There is a cut out for the gas door but it turned out very clean looking.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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