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Installing bilstein 5125 rears

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DId a search but couldn't find specific info-got some 5125 rear shocks and think they only mount 1 way with the dust boots on top? Is this correct i was thinking the opposite, also the came compressed with green plastic bands but were still too long I had to cut them off then compress them with a jack to push them up to the mount level-does this seem right? I thought there would be more shaft sticking out. I have stock height in rear and ordered the 0-2" lift shocks but they seem a bit long.
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Yes they mount with the dust boot on top. Mine took a little playing with to get them in but thats the only way they fit with mine. I had 2" blocks when I put mine in so maybe that made it easier but just bolt them in on top first and then you should just be able to push them in with your hands to compress them far enough to line up the bottom part with the mounting bracket. One of mine didn't have the green strap and thats what I did.
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