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Installing Visteon HD radio kit

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Does anyone have any experiences on adding an HD kit? I am looking to get the HDZ 300 to add-on. I want to keep oem HU.
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from a carputer stand point, its great. Its pretty cheap from Ebay, about $50-60. Reception is good plus you get HD radio stations as well. Better than SAT radio from everyone's review. Check out MP3CAR.COM for more indepth reviews. This thing retails for $199 from best buy when they retailed it.

Are you keeping your stock radio?
Yes would like to so I can use controls on steering wheel-but to be honest at this time the system sounds crappy! Have been reading some posts and would like to try to better it but not sure how. Will continue researching it-currently have the Fosgate system with 6 cd changer in an 08 titan. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! Also will try to find posts on best way to get to antennae connector for Visteon installation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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