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Interco TrXus M/T's Serious Issue's

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My buddy mounted a set of the Interco TrXus Mud Terrains on his 06 Rubicon. We have done our fair share of off roading with them and have been very happy with there performance.

He upgraded his front end the other day so I climbed under the front the of truck to check it out and saw that his front tire appeared to be separated at the bead. Lucky I saw this as he was leaving for a 300+ mile trip tomorrow and this was a serious accident waiting to happen. This was BLOWOUT material without a doubt. 3 of his tires showed this same defect, pictured below is the worst of the bunch. Let see what Interco has to say Monday! These tires had around 15k miles on them and still have 75% of there thread left. I don't care how hard you are on a tire this should NEVER HAPPEN!

***Crap I can post the pics because I don't have 15 posts :(***

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Are interco tires manufactured in china? I'm actually being serious about this as there was that whole issue with chinese made tires sometime ago.
Any updates? Very interesting indeed. Steel or Al wheels? Beadlocks?
These tires where mounted to the factory aluminum wheels that are standard on the Jeep Rubicon. No updates yet, I tried to call Interco yesterday but their lines where busy. I member on another forum stated that this same thing can happen when the tires are improperly mounted but I myself can't see this happening.

Definitely keep us updated with what Interco has to say..... Hopefully this doesn't happen to me! Guess I'll just have to check my tires everytime I drive my truck.
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