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Interest in in-bed storage bin via util track

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Hey is there any interest in a in bed storage box that mounts via util track. Im considering making these and selling them.

Offers secure waterproof storage for recovery gear, tools, camping gear or whatever you want but doesnt take up half the bed like a bed tool box would.

Im doin some R&D with it but future thoughts are, different sized boxes, multiple mounting positions, in box led lighting, etc. Picture on current setup attached, ill post some more later on.

Im still trying to coming up with an affordable price.

What are your thoughts / interests?


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Yeah i havent made any new ones though i still have my original in the bed.

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I have my tool box mounted to my utilitrac rails in my bed. I took a piece of metal strap from home depot, had a friend weld some bolts to it, and drilled holes in the bottom of the box to match up to the bolts. There you go, nice and easy. I would like a smaller box when baseball season is over( right now I have the teams gear stored in my box), so I may be looking for a smaller box soon...
Thats almost exactly what i did but i used uni strut bolts they fit into the util tracks. I have a peice of aluminum flat bar i drilled three holes in and in the box. Bolted that to the util tracks then sealed around it.

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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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