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Interesting reading regarding Reg Oil vs Synthetics

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Its been a while since I have read this article through again. There was a discussion on this topic last week or the one before. Just some more info and it gives pros and cons of each oil type.

It is a long one though....

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SoldOnNissan said:
Doesn't sound like there are many cons to synthetics to me. I never ran them mostly because of the price and ignorance of the benefits. May be a good time to start when I get this new Titan broken in (10000-12000 mi.). You should set up a poll and see how many do or will run synthetics vs how many don't and won't. I would but I don't know how.

You must be new to this forum. One of the longest threads on this forum is about someone that drained Mobil 1 because it wouldn't work. Also the owner's manual doesn't recommend the use of synthetics in the Titan. I would certainly be concerned about the possiblity of the warranty being voided by useing synthetics. The link below is the beginning of the problems with synthetics.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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