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Intermittent Starting issue

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So I am extremely aggravated, I have an 04 titan, I just had the starter replaced and about a month after that I pulled in to get gas and shut the truck off and it wouldn't start but at that time it would start after about a half hour or so. I had the truck towed back to the dealership they said they checked to see if it was a bad starter checked the cables etc. But wanted to keep charging me 120 bucks an hour to diagnose the issue so I went and picked up the truck and since then I have tried everything under the sun to fix this. Except lately it takes hours sometimes a whole entire day before it decides to start again. It acts just like your trying to start it as if it were in drive or neutral, it doesn't crank it doesn't do anything. I replaced the IPDM already. I replaced and cleaned the terminals on the battery, battery is good too. I will take any suggestions at this point...
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I know that your post was awhile ago. I was wondering if you ever came to a resolution to your issue? Everything you stated in your post is happening to me. Is there a happy ending; a solution to this starting/ stalling nightmare?
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