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Introductioning myself

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Hello ya'll, brand new Titan owner as of yesterday. I got a 2007 Dealer Demo with a few k miles, like new. I've owned two more Nissans, one 74 Datsun and an 80 Nissan. Both totally bombproof. I stepped up from a 99 Ranger XLT 4w/d and my how big the cabin seems. The 5.6 has loads of torque plus very sweet ride and quiet. I'm 60 and owned nearly every type auto made. Do all my own work. I bass fish and ride bicycles and Sport bikes. OH yea, I'm retired from RailRoad here in NE La.
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welcome to the site :cheers:

Congrats on your Titan! You will be very happy with it

Hopefully you dont do what your name says :rofl:

Just messin with ya, if you have question dont hesitate to ask!
Congrats on the new ride and welcome to the club! :cheers:
Thanks alot. I've been looking over the site and it seems to be a happy bunch of campers here.
Yea man just some good ole harcore titan lovers.. Be sure to post pics when you can. :cheers:
Not to sound like a broken record....Welcome to TT!!!!:lol:
Congrats - you'll love this truck! Welcome to titan talk!
Congrats on the titan and welcome

blavis that corny [email protected] gets me every time. :jester:
:cheers: Welcome to Titan Talk B.R.!!! :cheers:
Congrats on the new truck. What kind of sport bike do you ride?
4wheelpeel said:
Congrats on the titan and welcome

blavis that corny [email protected] gets me every time. :jester:
There is plenty of corny crap where that came from...uhhhh wait! That's not what I meant.:rofl:
That is the truth where I work....Waste Water Treatment....I get all kids of corny crap all day....LMAO
welcome to the club! happy modding.. :cheers:
Seems like us noobs are coming everyday:) . Guess it is cuz of the decent sales going on right now.
Welcome! Nice "introductioning".... :rofl: I also have a dealer demo... '06. Last one I buy, though I'm happy with this truck overall.. I just hate how the lazy slacker POS dealers take the nicest vehicle on the lot and beat the living schit out of it.... Then you have to beat them to make it all right again.... Hope yours went better than mine...
Thanks for the welcome. Actually I got one Champ of a Dealership, Salesman, and Detail crew. Also feel I got a whale of a deal. I ride a 919 Honda Hornet, a naked lil muscle bike. I have a bike trailer and Bass boat, about as heavy as I'll ever pull, but, do have the 9500 lbs frame receiver and electric trailer brakes. I've had many compliments on the TAN/Gold pewter color.
I believe it's called "Granite". It is a very nice color on this truck. I would have liked it, but Nissan doesn't load up an LE in that color...
Thanks, that color makes sense.:)
Welcome. The Titan is a big step up from the Ranger. Enjoy!
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