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IPDM fix ?

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A few weeks ago I was driving and my truck mysteriously died. The gas gauge showed 1/4 tank. I filled up a jerry can and poured it in and voila, truckasaurus came back to life. After reading through some of the threads on here it sounds like a faulty IPDM. Also, when I step on the gas my emergency brake light comes on as do other lights on the dash board when I brake rapidly. I took it to the dealer and the service writer told me that it was not covered under my extended warranty and would take about 5-7 days to fix. I have the 75,000 mile extended warranty and am under that. What's the deal with the IPDM? Is it covered under the extended warranty? Also, whats the deal with extended warranty's and rental cars. It says in my warranty paper work that a rental vehicle will be provided by Nissan for all warranty work, but I recently had a recall done at the dealership and they refused to cover the rental vehicle while they were fixing mine. Anyone else ever have problems with Mossy Nissan in San Diego? Thanks!
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I had a similar problem, took it to the stealership but the ipdm was on national back order. Did a search on all titan forums and found a dealership in New Jersey that had the IPDM in stock ( the updated version ) I think I paid about $115 shipped Genuine Nissan Titan / Armada IPDM Unit

I Never had a problem with the rental ( I have the 100k extended warranty) But I always deal with Pacific Nissan in Pacific Beach ( that is where I bought my truck )
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