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ipod interface wired to an aftermarket touchscreen

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I'm buying a new bezel and lilliput 7" touch to go in it. Now i know you can view the ipod on the stock nav system and control your songs through the factory radio. However, is it possible to connect the ipod interface kit to the aftermarket touchscreen and control it through the touch screen?
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not yet.. In the near future.. Just wanting to see if this will work without the carputer
yes you can buy the DUAL 8285

it will control like you want

i am gonna upgrade

i like how people tell you NO
it wont work
but never do any research themselves
to REALLY find out
Well i'm eventually building a computer for the truck so I don't want to buy a head unit just for this.. Does anyone know if this can be done with the lilliput touchscreen added onto the factory radio?
you can buy this


used to be $200
but they came out with a wireless version that also reads usb
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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