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Let me say that I highly recommend the mods that I had installed @ IPT. I also have the extra tranny cooler rated at 19.5k GVW.

The VB mod has the truck making harsher downshifts. I don't know if the IPT VB is better than the Stillen or Level 10 but I do know that IPT added stronger springs because I have a supercharger.

The TQ converter is very noticeble. You can hear and feel it lock up. When I'm going uphill, it feels like a diesel. The tranny does not hunt for lower gears. That's good for me because of the supercharger. It allows me to stay within the powerband. When I floor the truck, the rpm goes to 6500. That's 500 rpm beyond redline. For me that means I have to shift manually to avoid doing that.

John the owner of IPT said that the ecu does not allow me to take full advantage of the TQ converter. I believe if you do the burnout mod that will solve that. In addition, John said the shift points will have to be changed. I don't know where the shift points need to be.

When I launch in 4HI, the truck pins you in your seat. It makes my head hurt everytime. Before I went to IPT, it did not launch like that.
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