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IRC California Chapter Represent!

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This is not just for Central Cali members. I want EVERY Titan in California to take look and try to make it out for this weekend.

We have a fun packed weekend coming up October 13th and 14th.

October 13th we have a dyno rented from 9 am to 5 pm here in Modesto, CA!!! I plan on doing a hand full of dynos this day. I'm going to dyno street trim...I'm going to pull my wheels and put the DR's on and dyno. I am also going to dyno my Short Belt.

Dyno Day is in conjuction with the Hemi Boys. And guys....some of the Hemi boys are coming from San Diego to represent!!!

WE can have a beer drinking hell of a good time!!!

October 14th starting at 9 am we have a Truck ONLY drag at Sacramento Raceway. Bring your A game and come on out!!!

We have paid $800 bucks for the dyno and we will split this among the individuals that sign up. We got a good turn out last year....HOWEVER!!! I was the only Titan to show!

This invite has went out too all makes of TRUCKS!
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