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Irwindale Speedway - 11/15/07

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Went to the track last night with my buddy and made a bunch of runs. Track prep was the same, but I expected it already so I knew what to do. Towards the middle I got a perfect light, and they were all congratulating me about it. 

At the last run, I was on camera. There was a guy video taping, and my friend said it was for SpeedTV or something. They zoomed in on my truck while I did a burnout, and when I launched.

I don’t really want to type out all the slips, so ill just give you a few them.
BTW, a perfect light is .500. I didn’t bother typing that out lol..
First Run:
R/T: .699
60’ : 2.201
330: 6.345
1/8: 9.849 @ 70.66

Next Run:
R/T : .561
60’ : 2.189
330: 6.282
1/8: 9.710 @ 71.19

Last Run:
R/T: .658
330: 6.272
1/8: 9.703 @ 71.13

Will post up sometime later tommrow in the afternoon when I wake up, lol.
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cool you made it out there! I worked to late so couldnt go. Thats cool they were filming! Ill look for vids tomarow, gotta sleep!
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