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Is anyone interested in a roll pan?

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Ok so....i backed into a poll and damaged my orginal roll pan.... had to buy a new one and had it mounted yesterday (not painted just primed). now after having it on i think im going to take it off and mold a piece of steal in is place and smooth everything out so there is no gaps on the sides. with this said....i have a lund fiberglass roll pan for a nissan titan that is two days old. anyone that is interested just let me know.
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try to PM me again. sry.

and i have to check into shipping.and i will get pics soon.
its been going back and forth if i was having to sell or not but now i am selling. ok hope this works? its about 2 weeks old. And has 4 white L.E.D lights to light the tag. :cheers:
sry it was raining when i took the pic.
i am looking for 185.00 or will be willing to trade for a ride rite system, 2.5" level kit, yellow top battery, a hitch, and open for offers? i still have the original box to ship in i just have no idea how much it will be yet. i would rather do pick up but if i have to i will ship.:cheers:
how is your heavy doodie one coming along ?
killcatzforfun said:
how is your heavy doodie one coming along ?
what? explain? whats up with the manual?
comeonitsatitan said:
what? explain? whats up with the manual?
I meant how is your heavy duty steel roll pan coming along... maybe Im wrong but I thought thats what you were doing.
yes i have been running in circles talking to everyone on what was the best way to do it and now right when everything was going to work out my father says he wants to sell his truck and i have to pull the trailer for the lawn biz and make my truck a workmans special. it sucks but whatever? i now have that f&^*$(g chrome bumper again.
lol that chrome bumper aint that bad! I want a roll pan sooner or later but can a hitch be installed with it ??? oh and Im going to try and ship that manual to you tomorow.. its coming from Tampa so it should be there REAL fast - I got you payment too. thanks
yes a hitch will work but you have to get a special one. and it will mount behind the plate.

:cheers: thanks!!
will trade for-

1-ride rite system
2-2.5" level kit
3-a hitch
4-fog lights
did you ge the manual man ? and free bump
What kind of deal will you do shipped to Scarborough Maine 04074. I had my XE bumper paint matched black plastic and all. A week later I backed into a fence and need to have it fixed and repainted. Maybe the price might be near the same if the deal is right. I have paypal and can send you the money right off.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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