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Update- previously posted this in other makes and models but posting to Nissan now.

wondering specifics if a stock Titan races a Stock GT MAch or Cobra whom would win???

i luv watching these race...and also 350 Z and G35 and 37 haha
This question pretty much speak for itself. someone a friend of mine whom drives an Eclipse and my other friend drives a Scion TC they both said they dont think it possible to put such a "heavy engine" inside a lighter Mustang.....lighter in comparison to that particular Autel Maxisys Pro.

i have youtubed videos and love the idea that Titans have same engines (v8) not speaking to individual power...but wondering if its possible for 1 to beat the other when it comes to racing Mustang GT/mach 1 or even Cobra LOL

the more details the better? plz be specific
i always ask cAr questions and wonder what cars do u guys have? if any mustangs? plz and thxxx lol
Update: ew i hate rude ppl lol
Update 2: true true hehe

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1. No
2. You posted this in the way wrong section. The 2016's are not even out yet & you should of put it In the War Stories or Performance Modifications sections.
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