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Is it worth it to go to 35's?

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Hi peoples... I just got a 6 inch lift AFTER.. I got new ko2's 285 70 17. I now can put 315/70/17 ko2's with new set of rims. I looked at the tire calulators and pics, Will just gain 2 inches dia and so on. Is it worth it to spend the 2 grand for new tires and wheels? Will I see a nice difference?
I would like to see a side by side picture LOL. Thanks dudes and dudettes!!!:nerd:
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If you have a 6", of course you go 35". The 315/70/17 are 34". Are you going do new rims or lay em on what you have?
Rims now are 17/7.5 The shop said I need to go to 17 8 or 9? With a 5 inch back spacing? Im confused LOL. Or should I go to a different tire and get another 1/2?. Or go to 37?
Keep the tires if you like the brand and ride. It's not worth it imo for change in size that small.
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