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Is my "Body Conrol Module" bad?

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Went to get in my truck earlier this evening and noticed:

1. Interior lights don't work.(domelights)

2. Key fob only unlocks driver door. Will not lock any of doors.

3. Lock/Unlock button on doors will not lock or unlock doors.

4. Domelights flash when manipulating Lock/Unlock button on doors.

I stopped messing with it after discovering the problems above and logged into Titantalk to try and find a thread addressing this issue. No luck on the search. Has anyone had this problem? Does the problem lie with the "Body Control Module"? Is there a DIY fix? Don't want to take it to the "stealership" if at all possible. Please help!!!
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Well if you don't want to take it to the "stealership" start swapping out parts until you get it right.In the long run you'd probably be better paying someone to diagnose this for you.Who do you know?
Sorry to hear about the trouble buddy, I have no answer for you so I just responded to keep it at the top.
Is it flagging a code. A tech with correct scanner would be able to test the BCM on the CAN. You could ask if they do and what the charge is to diagonis. Cause when you buy electrical parts their is a no return policy at the parts store.
What year truck do ya have?
Cause there was a problem with the modules back in 04. my old 04 LE had to have 2 replace. an 1 reflashed twice.

So I know there was for sure problems with the early trucks, on my 04 i had tons of problems with the seats an windows not working right or at all.

Now my 05 has been great, no problems at all with this truck it's been very very good!:)

Sorry to hear about the trouble buddy, I have no answer for you so I just responded to keep it at the top.
Thanks for the bump bro. I've pretty much narrowed the problem down to the "BCM" , and I'm contemplating buying a new one (warranty expired). Does anyone know how much they cost? Are they a "plug and play" deal, or do they need some kind of programming or set-up with a dealer-only instrument? Is there a particular series of this part I should stay away from? Is the a particular one I should get? Would the "BCM's" from the newer '05-'08's work in my '04? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to get back to enjoying my truck again!
I am having problems with my '05 Titan keyless entry remotes. Everything else works fine...only my keyless entry is not working. I was told at the dealership that is could either be the BCM or the Keyless Entry Control Module.

Has anyone had any issues with this??? Help Please!
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