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Like the title says, is there an audible warning for the blind spot system? I drove to "the big city" (Calgary) this week and got into some real traffic, so I was kind of paying attention to the new truck's bells and whistles. I see that there is a little light on the side-mirrors that flashes if someone is beside you, but its so small and really not visible in bright sunlight, it's basically useless. So I toggled through the do-dads on the dash display to the blind spot gizmo....I see what looks like a volume control at the lower right side of that screen. Problem is, the volume is at zero. I went through the manual when I got home and there is no mention of how to toggle this up. Any ideas? The Nissan is very quick to "beep beep beep" at you in a parking lot, but it would be nice for some sort of warning for the blind spot thing....or maybe not, might be painful in heavy traffic, I don't know....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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