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Is there any way!?

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Sup fellas, I just got my 2004 SE 2WD Titan and I've been saving for a solid 4 months with a well paying job to lift this beast.

I was wondering is there any possible way to get 37's on an 8" CST Lift? I'm trying to avoid a body lift at all costs but it seems like this would be the only option other than a Bulletproof 12" which is def. not happening.

Any suggestions?
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fiberglass all around .... too difficult otherwise
how are you using the truck? you could choose a body lift, new fenders, more suspension, or combination of any/all three. i have the same truck and lift, but went with more suspension to run 37s. i have total chaos upper control arms, radflo coilovers and deaver mini spring pack thanks to prg greg :upsidedow. although i haven't offroaded the truck, the only problem i have is some rubbing when travelling through street dips and up driveway ramps at speed. rubbing may also be caused by the toyo muds as some think it's bigger than most other brands, less than ideal rim specs (8" wide but only +5mm of offset) and having bushwacker flares. pinch weld mod is a must though. i think many others with 37s went the body lift route.

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