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Is there such a thing as Power Folding Big Tow Mirrors?

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I purchased an '08 Titan LE 4X4 w/ just about everything but the DVD & GPS. When I looked at my window sticker a little closer I noticed that it said Power Folding Mirrors, but I have the Big Tow Package? I ask b/c the dealer I got it from is a shady dealer.
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Man, I wish there were! But sadly, no.
Me too, oh well.

MAybe he has the titan confused with an Escalade, LOL
Who printed the window sticker? Is it the original factory sticker? Is this a new '08?

I've never seen Power Folding Mirrors on a Titan, but had been recently told LE has them available.
Yeah, mine is an 2008 LE and the info is printed on the Factory Window Sticker, not the add on dealer sticker.

Also, what made me more suspicious is that there were scratch marks on the bolts and metal plates that secure the mirrors to the door.

Like I mentioned earlier the dealership has a bad reputation, only reason I bought my truck from them is b/c they had 20 on their lot and after 4 hours of negotiation I walked out with a deal.

Also, I have the memory seating function which is suppose to control not only the seating position but the mirror position and guess what? The mirrors do not return to the set position but the seats do? Go figure?
Only the new Ford Super Duty offers powerfolding tow mirrors.
On the factory sticker, ALL 06 and newer LE's have power folding mirrors. When you add the BIG TOW package , they substitute the LE smaller folding for the larger BTP mirrors. But by default, all LE come with the folding.
Does your window sticker mention the big tow package? It sounds like the dealer removed the power folding standard LE mirrors, and put on the Big Tow mirrors.... it also sounds like they messed up the wiring, since the memory doesnt work properly.

One way to know for sure if to check the model number / gear ratio on your rear end. The standard package and big tow package have different gear ratios.
If you don't have a transmission temperature guage, you don't have the tow package... however, I doubt a dealership with 20 titans on the lot would be screwing around with swapping mirrors and tow hitch, etc.

Most likely there is just some problem with the mirrors.. if you have any other dealerships nearby, take it there and have them fix the memory problem
My '08 LE with tow package does not have the folding mirrors but I did read some Nissan literature that indicated they do.
gedunk said:
My '08 LE with tow package does not have the folding mirrors but I did read some Nissan literature that indicated they do.
BT mirrors will fold, just not power fold like the regular LE mirrors. With the smaller mirrors in the LE, you can hit a button inside the truck and they fold in. Not an option when you have BT.
I have the same thing on my factory sticker....

I had a maxima with the mirrors that folded in with the touch of the button.

These mirrors are Foldable, and they are Power adjustable. I was confused too and I was looking for the fold button. Just a confusing way it was on the sticker.
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