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Is this kit worth the money? (truxxx)

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Is this kit worth the money? (truxxx)

Looks pretty nice and I do hate the harsh noise when my suspension tops out going over speed bumps…
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No .
looks like just another leveling kit with a rear block, i see nothing different about it. I would stick with the tested and trusted products that other members recommend on here like PRG.
go PRG

dont get that over priced crap
dont do it!!!! prg is the only way to go (in my opinion for a titan)
all for the low price of $467 ha! that better come with installation and a keg of fat tire while you wait. i just sold a 2.5" leveling kit for $100.00 including shipping, so how much could a 1" rear block cost. call greg and get hooked up.:smoke:
Why would you want a kit with a welded spacer? When you could have a kit with a billet spacer? A weld vs a solid piece of metal your choice
That's PT Barnum's mini lift kit. He's just waiting on a sucker to buy it.

PRG :werd:
Ok! Lol you guys convinced me! I’ll get the PRG kit!

I Also want to buy the traction bars but I just can’t seem to swallow the 500 bucks! And I really don’t like the single mount under the spring set up. I got a TIG welder and am a bit of a hobby fabricator and really want to build my own traction bar (called ladder bar).

Like this one: Offroad Traction Bar

More info on traction bars or anti wrap bars.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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