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Is this normal

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This is the first vehicle I have owned with leaf springs but lately I have been noticing that when I go over large bumps a large banging noise from the rear end. I also notice it when I am heavy on the throttle and I go over small bumps or if I am braking hard and go over a small bump. I am just curious if this is axle wrap or if there is something else I should be concerned with. I have taken a rubber mallet and beaten on anything I can think of underneath and have yet to find anything loose.

Any ideas?
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It's under warranty, so take it into the dealer for service.
Do you have a trailer hitch in your tow receiver? Mine did that too, drove me crazy until I found it. I pushed the hitch in tight all the way, drilled a new pin hole and welded the old pin hole up. Noise gone.
Never heard of any such problems with a Titan.
Yes.. the "bang" is normal. its not really a bang but more like general friction noise

the pop while accelerating must go away within 3-4k miles. if not, take it to the dealer.

mine used to pop... well it stopped once it settled. sometimes the rear is overly stiff and it makes weird noises. give it a while and see if it goes away.
check your tailgate?
the one on my XE was ridiculous over bumps
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