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Is this normal?

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Recently installed Deaver 3 spring pack with Dr shocks. This raised the rear of my 06 CC 3".(4" difference front to rear) Since then have noticed a vibration between 30 and 40 mph. Would like to lower the rear 2" and eliminate the vibration, whats the best approach? Rest of truck is stock. Thanks.
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GR8WHITE, haven't yet, just looking for the best answer to the condition. Don't want to start cutting unless it is the best alternative. Have you had to do this mod? If so who's bracket did you use? I know that Greg at PRG sells one. Thanks.
Carbeaux, am referring to the vibration. Thought I could change the drive shaft angle if I added a set of lowering shackles. Feel the vibration my have to do with this condition. Thanks.
Gr8white,Carbeaux, thanks much for your input,looks like I'll have to install the bracket, don't want any suprises 5k down the road. Yagger.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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